"Master Scuba Diver" or "Divemaster", Which type are you?

Do you know the difference between "Master Scuba Diver" and "Divemaster"?
If you become a diver, you will hear those words sometimes. 
"Master Scuba Diver" is a scuba diving recognition level offered by most of scuba diving training agencies, such as SDI, PADI, SSI, NAUI. The requirements are slightly different from each agency; however, what it means is whoever have achieved this level have good level/number of diving experience. If you like to add more knowledge and skills in scuba diving, this is something you would like to go for.
"Divemaster" is totally different. It is the first level of Professional Divers with a role in recreational diving including organising & leading recreational divings in a professional capacity with supervisory responsibility for a group of divers. Once you become a Divemaster, people expect you to be as Divemaster whenever and wherever you are diving or even just being at dive sites.
While the focus of "Ma…

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Hello, Brides & Grooms to be.
Congratulations for your wonderful start. You must be very excited to organise for this special event. Wedding ceremony is the biggest concern, I believe. Lots of things to prepare. Then of course, Honeymoon!
Have you thought about starting Scuba Diving together as a couple? Scuba diving is perfect activities for couples. No one dive without buddies. Unlike other sports, Scuba Diving is not competition. It is all about helping each other. Any holiday is special to everyone. With Scuba Diving, you can make them even more Special.
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Dive Manchester Club Trip 2018 - Red Sea Liveaboard

This week Dive Manchester Diving Club, DM Club, had our 1st over sea trip for this year. 
Red Sea, Strait of Titan and North Liveaboard Trip, away from cold Manchester weather in February.
For some of our club members, this trip was the first experience of liveaboard. Eat, Sleep, and Dive. Everybody was getting more and more excited before the trip started. It was brilliant feeling to share.
Fortunately, the weather this week in Red Sea was very calm and perfect for diving holiday. I guess all our club members has been behaving so well that the good weather is given to them as a treat.

The Strait of Titan and North cruise allows you to take in some of the most iconic wrecks and reefs the northern Red Sea has to offer as well as the pristine coral reefs of Titan. The Titan dive area is found in the entrance to the Gulf of Aqaba and is made up of four main reefs that forms the top of an underwater bridge. It is a brilliant combination of dive sites for all levels of divers.

We also had non d…

Tale of Britannic Ship Wreck - Sister of Titanic

Some of you may heard about Britannic Ship Wreck. Yes, she is a sister ship of the famous Titanic. 
Britannic is resting about 100m deep seabed in Greek Channel. When Titanic is resting much much deeper, Britannic is resting approachable depth for certain divers.
Diving on Britannic Ship Wreck is one of the great dreams of Tech Divers for sure.

The guest speaker, Mark Powell, is one of the leading Diver/Instructor in the world.
Dive Manchester is so lucky to have him as a guest speaker for our Club Members and Guest Members.

It was 2nd time to have Mark for the event. This time, lots of people showed up and filled out shop floor! Next time, we may have to think about booking different place. 
It was very interesting not only for divers but also kids!!
Their eyes were twinkling after this event!!

Yes! Diving is FUN!!

DM Club Monthly Gathering Night, Jan 2018

Dive Manchester, DM Club, has a monthly gathering at the near by pub, normally 4th (or 5th if any) Thursday of the month.

We had one in the end of January, welcoming new members.

Thursday night is a quiz night in that pub.
How do we do?
Well, we are normally No.1 in the pub!!! from the LAST. 😂
This time was not exceptional either. 😂

Myself has been quite sick for about a month, coughing so hard ever 10 min.
Did I miss the gathering? Of course not!!!
Although I am not a strong drinker, I love socialising with our divers and I am always looking forward to the night!!
What did I have? "Hot Toddy"!!!! 😂😂
They actually made very good ones! It seems when I am sick, I become alcoholic. 
I just wonder if that is a good sign...???

Stay healthy, everyone!!

DM Club 2018 Egypt Trip has begun!!

DM Club 2018 Egypt Trip has begun! It has become rather "Cheeky Boy's Trip" but so be it!! 😂

This year, we have taken "Strait of Tiran & North" trip with Blue O Two. The Itinerary is covering some of the most iconic wrecks and reefs the Red Sea has to offer as well as the pristine coral reefs of Tiran. 
Everybody was soooooo excited!! 😆 One after the other came to the shop to chat about it for the last several days before this trip. It is so great to see such excitement in everybody's eyes. Yes, Diving is FUN!!! 

Some of them are quite experienced divers, but still you can see excitement in their eyes. 
This is the great fun of diving. No matter how many dives you have done, every dive is different. Every dive trip is exciting. Every water will provide you new experience. 
For example, my partner, John, who has done well over 4000 dives was soooo excited about it and also nervous about what to bring!! 😂 I tell you he has been an instructor for years and c…

Seal Diving in Farne Island, November 2017

Seal diving in Farne Islands is my favourite diving in UK. If you have not done that yet, you are missing great FUN!! When diving, we, scuba divers, are just visitors normally. Well, it is not the same when seals are around!! When divers jump into the water, they look as "play mates". Do you have black fins for your diving? Well, change them to white or yellow! Something very visible in water. Then it will be 99% sure that they will come to play with your fins! My pink fins did well this time. 
Water temp was about 11C. I prefer diving in September/October when the water temperature is still better. When hitting 11C, you want to make sure you have good thermal under suits to let you feel a bit more comfortable. 
 (pic by Terry W, DM Club)
We were a group of 16 divers this time. It was great fun. Boat was very comfortable. I love it when they have a lift. There was not such thing in Malta. When UK divers were talking about "a lift on the boat", I did not understand wha…