Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Apeks ATX Regulator Holiday Season Special Offer - Limited number. Don't miss it!

Holiday Season is coming up! Time to look for great deals for Christmas Gifts. Here is a great offer for Cold Water divers. 

Apeks ATX Regulator is one of the most popular regulator in the market and also long lasting model for many years while many other models are changing. ATX gives you good breathing in cold water condition and last so long if you look after it. Great regulator at great price.

This Holiday Season Offer comes with ATX Stage 3 set (1st stage, 2nd stage, and Octopus), single Pressure Gauge, and Apeks Regulator Bag. Complete set, ready to go diving.

RRP£436 is now £342!
The number is limited. Don't miss it!

Let's go Diving!! Diving is FUN! (Even in cold water. Trust us!!)
If any questions, please feel free to contact Dive Manchester.
0161 302 3140
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Saturday, 16 November 2019

DM Club Trip 2020 "Best of the Maldives" You will enjoy it 100% sure!

Emperor Leo - There are Reasons to be Popular!!
DM Club Diving Trip, 2020! We are going back to Maldives!
Maldives is one of the best diving destination in the world. Beautiful tropical water with great marine life. 

Visibility is always 20-30m with water temperature around 30C degree. "The Best of the Maldives" itinerary never disappoint divers of all levels. In our last trip in 2018 about the same time of the year, we had great diving with lots of sharks as well as beautiful tropical fish and turtles and everything. Manta Ray and Whale Sharks were stunning! 

This time, we are on Emperor Leo. Very popular live aboard.
Manta Ray!! Fantastic!!
Trip fee, £2245pp includes flights, accommodation, food, drink, diving, etc., and FREE NITROX for Nitrox certified divers. Great deal!

When diving whole week, you would like to use Nitrox to reduce your fatigue towards the end of the week. It will make a difference.
If the weather allows, we will have BBQ on the local island. This will be fun! 
When joining DM Trip, you will also receive some gifts from Dive Manchester.
Let's have FUN with DM Members

You will not regret!!
Come and Join us! Let's have great FUN!!
For more information, please contact Dive Manchester.
0161 302 3140

Diving is FUN!!

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Wednesday, 13 November 2019

New!! Oceanic GEO 4.0 Dive Computer! Great look & Brilliant Function. Good option for Xmas gift


Geo 4.0 has a brand-new stylish and sporty look! It features an updated display area with larger, crisper digits, Oceanic's patented Dual Algorithm™, 5 optional color straps, and Bluetooth connectivity to all smartphones through the DiverLog+ App for the ultimate mobile experience. New and experienced divers can dive anywhere with Geo 4.0 and stay connected in style.

In other words, "Looking Good and Working FANTASTIC!!"


The Geo 4.0 connects to your smartphone through the free DiverLog+ App, available in the app store. Divers can adjust the dual Nitrox mixes, switch the Dual Algorithm™, gas mixes, user display, alarms, all on the go pre- and post-dive.
It is great fun to play 

Wanna something special for Xmas gift? This will be a great option. Both colours are available at Dive Manchester. Come and see. You will love this.

Diving is FUN!!

Monday, 27 May 2019

DM Club Red Sea Liveaboard 2019 Part 1 & Part 2

 DM Club had 2 Red Sea Trip this year. February annual trip and April part2 trip. Both trips were great FUN!
February trip was meant to be going to Brother Islands; however, due to the shark incidents last year, the site was still closed.

 Instead, the boat took us to Salem Express, well known wreck with very sad back ground.. The accident killed hundreds of pilgrims coming back from Mecca. When diving such wreck, we must remember not to disturb the souls resting in peace... 

On the trip, we had good celebrations; 300th dive for Paula, 200th dive for Gary, 50th dive for Sam, Erika & Michelle. Great achievement!
Thank you to the kitchen staff for making special cakes. Everybody enjoyed it. 

April Trip was for Northern Wreck and Reefs, the most popular itinerary in Red Sea.
Great weather and less current. It was perfect for some of the novice divers.

We had 5 divers doing their Advanced Open Water Diver course on the boat. How lucky they are to do the course in such a great condition!!

On this trip, Paul had his Birthday, 400th dive for Steve and 50th dive for Amanda and Sam. 
Well, some of them tried to keep it quiet. Oh, NEVER!! :D
We love to celebrate special occasion together!
Never mind about the silly hoods. That's a part of cerebration.

DM Club is organising club trips nearly every month. In 2020, we have Red Sea in February and Maldives in June. Those trips are now open for everyone. Do you like to have Fun? Come Join us! We all love to have a good laugh and great diving together.

Diving is FUN!!
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Red Sea 2020 Trip Link

Maldives 2020 Trip Link

Saturday, 25 May 2019

Dive Manchester with Sea Shepherd Ghost Net Campaign

Scuba Divers are basically people who are in love with the Water World and the Nature; Sea, Ocean, and Marine Life. Human activities are not always great for what we all love. What can we do to make a change? This question led us, Dive Manchester, to work with the Sea Shepherd Ghost Net Campaign(SSGN). 

SSGN is one of the activities getting more active in UK. Basically, going out to the sea and clean up the rubbish that people left behind in water. It sounds very simple, however, it is much more to do. First of all, in order to "clean" the sea, you must have a permission from the UK authority. Umm? Wait a minute. Do you have to "pay" some fee in order to do a favour to the country? The answer is "yes". Some private groups and diving clubs have been doing sea bed cleaning for years without permission. Sadly, if someone wants to cause a problem, they can accuse these good people for breaking a law. SSGN has been purchasing the permit to be legitimate. No cutting corners to avoid unnecessary conflicts. 

Also, before taking some rubbish out, SSGN investigate the condition of it. If it has been left in water so long that it has become a part of eco system, taking it out would cause more problem. It is not just taking rubbish out. Protecting the environment is the main purpose of this activity. Proper diving skills are required as well; buoyancy skill, how to use particular equipments, etc. We organise skill development sessions for the participants. 

Are you interested? Contact us!

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

DM Club Xmas Bingo Party 2018!

Christmas Season has come!! DM Club Annual Xmas Bingo Party was on! We were back to Friendship Inn in Prestwich this year again. It was soooo good last year, so we had to come back for this year.

Christmas is the Season of Joy. Having a Club Dinner is a brilliant opportunity to share this happy feeling. We had 39 people joining to this Dinner Party. 

We started with pre-meal drinks & chat. Socialising with other divers is always nice. Your next diving gets even more FUN. 
For the seating, we shuffled everyone. So, you were not to sit with people who you normally sit together. You get the chance to sit with other divers and make new friends. After all, we all were divers. We have one thing in common; Scuba Diving! And we all love it!

Dinner was wonderful. So good! It was 3 meal course. We even had Vegan menu for our Vegan members. And it was very tasty. That is why we have our event there.

When we were about to finish the dessert, it was finally the time for Xmas BINGO!! Our Xmas dinner must have BINGO. It is Christmas dinner. Getting a gift is mandatory. 
The top gift for this year was Aqualung i200 Dive Computer, followed by all sort of goodies.
Always fun to have games with prizes. We love having gifts, don't we? 

Year 2018 has been challenging yet very successful and grateful. It is all because of the great support from DM Club Members and Friends. Thank you all for great support. Dive Manchester is one lucky shop with great supporters.

Have a lovely Holiday Season, everyone!!
Happy Diving!!


Thursday, 6 December 2018

DM Club Trip, Red Sea 2018 part II - "Simply the Best" has been really the BEST!

February Red Sea Trip is our annual DM Club Trip as some of you may already know. Since our last February trip was very successful (in other words, it was great FUN!!), we had more request for Red Sea Trip. Here it goes! We organised another one this year!!

This time, itinerary was "Simply the Best", starting at Brothers Island and moving onto the south...and it was the original plan. In the previous week of our trip, there were 2 Shark attack incidents in Brothers Island unfortunately...so our itinerary was quickly changed. Well, after all, safety comes first. 

Weather was brilliant for whole week. Water temperature was 26C degree. Yes!! Great!! We were a little anxious about the water temperature, but it was much better than we expected.

Although this itinerary requires certain level of experience as a diver, it was the very first "Liveaboard" for some of the members. You know what? They LOVED IT!! 
Liveaboard = "Eat, Sleep, Dive, & Repeat"  Who would complain that??

Marine life was brilliant. Sharks, Dolphins, and all the colourful fish. Some wreck divings as well. Some pictures are up on the Facebook page. 

Have you not done Liveaboard yet?? Ohhh!! You are missing the great fun!! 
Our February 2019 trip is already full; however, don't worry. We have another trip already planned!! From 26th of April till 3rd of May 2019, "Northern Wrecks & Reef", the most popular itinerary in the Red Sea.

Are you interested? Contact Dive Manchester for more details. Still a few spaces are available. 
Do you want to have fun with DM Club? What are you waiting for? Give us a call! It's gonna be FUN!!

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Apeks ATX Regulator Holiday Season Special Offer - Limited number. Don't miss it!

Holiday Season is coming up! Time to look for great deals for Christmas Gifts. Here is a great offer for Cold Water divers.  Apeks ATX Re...