Diving with your favourite colour with Oceanic Shadow Mask. Diving is FUN!

Diving is FUN!! That is why we all love this sports. It's not competition. It's not about winning. It is all about having fun with your friends and families. When having fun, your feeling becomes very colourful and cheerful. Well...why not taking this Happy Feeling into your equipment? Let's find your favourite colour for your own equipment. Me? Oh! I'm a PINK diver. :D :D I have Black/Pink drysuits, Black/Pink mask, Pink fins, Pink Dive Computer, Pink SMB, Pink spool, Pink gloves, Pink wetboots and Pink shoe laces for my Rock Boots. You know what? This makes even other people happy! :D :D Yes! Diving is FUN!

Oceanic Shadow Mask has been one of the most popular mask in the market for many many years. The colour variation was, however, not too many. It was always Black or Clear. A couple years ago, this changed completely. Oceanic finally issued colour variation for this popular mask. I really think it is one of the best option that Oceanic has offered to the divers. :D

Bare X Mission Drysuits - Quality Suits to treat yourself!

When diving in cold water, choosing the best drysuits for yourself becomes very important factor to gain comfort. Neoprene suits, Trilam Suits, Fusion Suits, Crushed Neoprene Suits...front entree suits, back zip suits.. How about the budget? Price starts from about £500 and goes up to around £2000. All of them will be keeping you dry when diving. Bare X Mission Drysuits is one of the top range drysuits in the market. It is ideal for the advanced technical diver or the recreational diver who wants the best combination of flexibility and durability. This innovative drysuit uses Bare's most advanced materials and construction methods. As you may already know, Bare is well known for their quality Drysuits and Wetsuits. When they say their "most advanced material", this means top of the top quality. This suit is also highly packable for travel. 
The suit also offers many options. Type of the neck seal, Dry Glove system, Pee valve, socks, boots, etc. Pockets are coming as stand…

Triple Layer Cotton Mask for NHS Charity Donation

It has been over a month since COVID19 lockdown started. I hope everyone is keeping yourselves safe. This is such a challenging moment for us all. 

Washing hands more frequently and keeping social distance is the very basic standard to avoid spreading this virus. Facemask is not perfect; however, it does give you additional protection. Researchers in University of Cambridge published their comments in April regarding the mask. "Even if masks are only 20% effective at reducing transmission, previous models for an influenza pandemic suggested that substantial numbers of cases may still be prevented."

If better than nothing, why not using it?
Because WHO does not believe in the ability of the public. They don't believe people can understand how to use face masks safely. Why giving up before educating? Why passing wrong information as "non effective" instead?
Here is an interesting article about this argument.…

Being Good Diver is not about Certificate. Let's Go Diving!

All divers start from the basic diving certification called Open Water Scuba Diver (SDI) or Open Water Diver (PADI) or equivalent. This certificate let you go scuba diving all over the world to the maximum depth 18m. Many divers stay with this level, enjoying beautiful coral reef and marine creatures, etc. Colours still stay well above 18m, so most dives will be nice and relaxing. 

What's the next level? Advanced Adventure Diver (SDI) or Advanced Open Water Diver (PADI) or equivalent certificate will let you go diving maximum 30m deep, giving you more chance to go scuba diving. It won't be colourful like shallow diving but when there are ship wrecks at that depth or something else to see, you will not miss the opportunity.
Then you may add Enriched Air Diver and Deep Diver certificate so that you can maximise your opportunity to dive more unto 40m deep.

Now, will you be a good diver if you take all the courses? Answer is "not necessarily". Every Diving course will give …

Paralenz DiveCamera+ (Plus) - Uncover the True Colour of Water World

Scuba diving is great adventure for people who love Sea/Ocean and marine creatures. Underwater Camera is one of the way to have fun in Scuba Diving. When I took a camera for the first time, I encountered Manta shot at a far, 2nd shot coming closer, and 3rd shot right above my head!! Although it was many years ago, I remember that like yesterday. I usually take still photos. If it was a video, I started thinking, I could've shared that adventure with my none diver friends with more excitement than the pictures.

Under the water, there is a little problem. Colours. As descending in water, we start losing colours. At about 5 metre, Red disappears, then Orange around 10 metre. Yellow at 20 metre and Green about 30 metre. There are a few good & easy software that we can adjust the colour on computer. For me, it is not easy...I can do well for still pictures but video is something I am not familiar with..
Paralenz DiveCamera+ is perfect for someone like me!! It has auto colou…

BARE ExoWear - Light & Warm for all Water Sports

BARE ExoWear is New suits for all type of water sports, Scuba Diving, Kayaking, Paddle Board, etc.

ExoWear is very light but provide maximum warmth. OMNIRED™ Infrared Technology in the suit’s fabric converts your outbound body heat into infrared energy and reflects it back to your body for thermal warmth. 3-Layer Fabric protects from the harshest elements with materials that are water repellant, windproof, breathable, quick-drying, wicking, and anti-microbial. 

Well, you may not imagine how it is just by reading. Come to Dive Manchester and see and feel the material. You can see its flexibility, light weight, and warmth by yourself. Seeing is better than reading. You will understand its quality more.

For more information, contact Dive Manchester 0161 302 3140, info@divemanchester

Diving is FUN!

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Biodegradable Sunscreen by STREAM2SEA finally available at Dive Manchester!

When we go diving, or any other outdoor sports, one of the "must have" item is Sunscreen. Unfortunately, UV ray is getting stronger because of the global climate change. Protecting our own skin is very important to avoid possible skin problems. As you may already know, some of the chemicals are not nature friendly. We love the Ocean and the Sea, but we also need to protect own skin, but we don't want to cause any damage to the nature, on and on. This has been a on going dilemma for divers.
Good news!! We have possible solution for your dilemma! STREAM2SEA has issued products which are Biodegradable and Reef-Friendly. STREAM2SEA has tested their safe sunscreen products to ensure they will not be harmful to fish and other aquatic life when used as directed. 

They don't stop there. STREAM2SEA do not like plastic package either. The tubes they use are made from sugarcane resins and their baggies are made with biodegradable and recyclable PLA film. Amazing! This is the prod…