Thursday, 4 October 2018

SDI Solo Diver Course - Ready to take full responsibility for own safety?

For Scuba Diving, Safety is very important factor. After all, we don't live under water. (I wish I could!!) The more experienced you are, the more we shall be humble about safety check and all. We shall not forget 'Buddy Check' not only for your buddy's safety but also for your own safety.

Buddy Check is a common standard for safety in Scuba Diving, Recreational & Technical Diving. We are not supposed to dive ALONE...unless you are trained for it.
Yes. There is a specific training course for Solo Diving.

SDI Solo Diver Course is the practice of self reliant scuba diving without 'Dive Buddies.' Solo divers should be skilled in self-sufficiency and willing to take responsibility for their own safety while diving. 

It is not for everyone. The Solo Diver Course stresses proper dive planning, personal limitations, and accident prevention, as well as the benefits, hazards, and proper procedures for diving solo.
As you can see, diving with Dive Buddies is less stressful and easier. When you have two or more people to solve one problem by helping each other, of course, that will be easier. For Solo Diver, you have to rely on your own ability and even equipment. You have to be well prepared.

This course is, however, great course for underwater photography and underwater video divers as well as those diving with their buddies who may not be very experienced in scuba diving.

Since it is a rather challenging course, course prerequisites is  a bit more than other specialty courses. Minimum age 21 year old, certified as SDI Advanced Diver or equivalent (completing 4 Specialty Course, etc. Much higher than PADI AOW Diver), minimum 100 logged dives.
You shall have good level of knowledge and skills in order to take this course.
It is challenging; however, it will train you very well to be self sufficient and safety aware divers. 

Are you interested? Are you ready for the challenge? 
If you say 'Yes', you can always contact Dive Manchester.
We are here to give you good challenge and achievement.

Let's take the next adventure!!

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Wednesday, 3 October 2018

DM Club Tech Week in Malta 2018

Malta is one of the popular destination for scuba divers, not only Recreational Divers but also Tech Divers. 
Maybe not so much for Fish Lovers, but cristal clear water and many kinds of wrecks in different depth, that is something other countries cannot offer.

DM Club Tech Week in Malta 2018 started on 21st of September. We used the facility and service of DiveSystems Malta. They are one of the best dive centres in the island. 
We used to live in Malta, working as Scuba Instructor about 5 years and we know DiveSystems is most capable dive centre there for Recreational and Technical Diving.

Our plan was to dive on HMS Stubborn (submarine, about 55m deep), HMS Southwald (ship wreck, about 70m deep), and Le Polynesian (ship wreck, about 60m deep).
Unfortunately, half of the plan had to be changed due to the strong wind coming from big storm covering Mediterranean.

Alternatively, divers were taken to new dive sites in Gozo. Since their gas mix was already made for the depth, they took that opportunity to get to this new dive site with depth. 
They all loved it!
Unfortunately, none of them were photography divers, so no pictures available.
We shall have someone with video or camera for next time.

Tech Diving is maybe not for everyone. It applies good planning, good gas calculation, good buoyancy control, good mental strength, etc.
If there is something you want to see at the depth, it worth going through those challenges.

Most pleasure diving is within Recreational Diving limits. Tech Diving is an additional option for your diving adventure.
If you are interested, you are always welcome to take "Try Tech Diving" and see if you like it or not.
If you enjoy it, it will be another option for you. If not, don't worry. There are plenty of divings that you can do within Recreational Diving limits.

After all, Diving is FUN!!

Thursday, 19 July 2018

DM Club Maldives Trip 2018 - Sharks, Manta Rays, Whale Sharks!!! Fantastic!!

DM Club 2018 Maldives Trip was in June. Maldives is known with beautiful water, wonderful marine life, Big Fish, Small Fish, everything!  
Our original itinerary was "Majestic Manta"; however, it had to be changed due to the tide. Well, still, Maldives is Maldives. This beautiful water had so much to offer for all divers.
From the start, we saw sharks, sharks, and sharks!! They are so graceful. Beautiful creatures. Are you afraid of Sharks? Don't worry! Stay behind me! They are afraid of Japanese!! 😂😂 In fact, most sharks are not what you think like "Jaws". They don't like divers' bubbles. It is too noisy for them and they always swim away from divers.
We saw so many fish!! Turtles, nudibranchs, and more!!
Huge surprise in this trip was Whale Sharks. The guides had not seen Whale Sharks for about a month, so they told us the chance was very thin but not zero. Well, when the expectation was set so low, the surprise was even bigger!
On the morning dive, one big Whale Shark just appeared from the bottom of the sea, swimming through us and upward. I was not ready!! I quickly turned my camera on and started shooting a video. Such a fantastic moment! I was soooo close to her! When I check the video, OMG!! It was not on!! How could I mess up with camera?? I'm "Japanese"!! We are born with Cameras!! 😳 Such a disgraceful Japanese I am...😭 On the second dive of the day, well, God heard my cry!! Three Whale Sharks appeared right by us! Fantastic!! My camera works were still rubbish because of too much excitement, but no bother. We swam with Whale Sharks! 
Such a wonderful experience.
For camera lovers, I strongly recommend a dive site called, "Fish Tank", near by Male. It was really like swimming in the fish tank! Because the fish factory above is throwing away their fish waste, they don't fight for food at all. Amazing thing was you could find 3-4 huge moray eels sharing one hole, sticking their heads out without fighting. You never see such thing. And all of them were sooooo fat and huge.
Oh, Stingrays were funny. They were teasers. They swim right under divers, like arm length close. I could nearly touch them. We spent about 70 minutes while we were supposed to be out from water in 60 minutes. Oops!
On the last day of our whole trip, miracle happened. Three Manta Rays appeared!! We were over the moon! We nearly gave up on finding Manta Rays. God really heard our cry. Three Manta Rays swimming through us over and over and over. So gracefully. What else can you ask for the last dive of your diving holiday?
That was my 2461st dive. I still get all the excitement from diving. Yes, diving is FUN!!

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Monday, 16 July 2018

DM Club Underwater Treasure Hunting in Capernwray

Spring 2018 has been amazingly beautiful in North England. Blue sky, Sun shine, no rain!! This is the best Spring since 1970's according to TV reporters. 
Dive Manchester, DM Club, is taking good advantage of this beautiful season, diving every single weekend!! (Well, even with bad weather, we would be diving though. 😆)
On Sunday 15th of July, we had a special event in Capernwray. "Underwater Treasure Hunting" 20 people participated for this Treasure Hunting.
Team was selected by drawing names at the start. Every team took the task/question chart and made own diving plan to collect the information hidden everywhere in the quarry.
There were certain rules; 2 dives, no buddy separation, no less than 50 bar at the end of the dive, etc. How they make the route/dive plan was all depending on every team.
It was brilliant! Most of them were usually diving with the same group. With this event, they got an opportunity to dive with someone else. Meet new divers, dive with new buddies. It was all good fun!

At the end of the day, the points were calculated. The winers of this even was the team Harold & Gary!! Well done, guys!! Winer's prize was Apeks Backpack. 

All participants received prizes at the end. Happy ending. 😉

Yes, Diving is FUN!!

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Beautiful Spring! Let's go Diving!!

Sunday 6th of May, 2018. Such a beautiful Sunday!! Blue sky, air temperature 24C. This sooooo rare for this area. It was too gorgeous to miss diving! We had 4 Open Water Diver Course students. How lucky they are!! When the weather is so good, everything seems so easy.

We normally come to Capernwray Diving Quarry for our training diving and some local pleasure divings. This quarry has good facilities; diver friendly cafe, good changing rooms, showers, meeting room, easy entry/exit, training platforms under water, etc. 
Visibility can be quite good as well. This Sunday could be more crowded; however, thanks to the Bank Holiday Monday. It was not too bad. We had plenty of rooms in training platform area, so we didn't have to squeeze ourselves too much for skill sessions.

When we organise courses, each instructor has maximum 3 students to look after. This Sunday, the instructor & students ration was 1:2, so it was quite good. When teaching in Malta, rather warm water, I had some occasions that I had 4 students; however, it was very rare. In order to keep the quality of the lessons, we do not like to let instructors have more than 3 students. Having more students is not easy for safety and also too cold for students to stay still under water while waiting for other team members to go through the skills.
My instructor friend was having 4 dives a few weeks ago. The water was still pretty cold and weather was not so great. What she did was to separate the group in two, and she took Group A for her 1st dive, Group B for her 2nd dive. Then again, Group A for her 3rd dive, and Group B for her 4th dive. By doing so, students did not have to stay in water too long. It may be very tiring for instructors, but she took the safety of the students as the top priority. 
I thought she was brilliant!
Diving cannot be some painful memories. It always has to be FUN! and of course SAFE!

When the weather is great like this weekend, it is also great to have some time to socialise with other Club Members.  We "accidentally" ended up with having social gathering in our local pub. :D 
DM Club members always love to have great time together!
Come dive with us. XX

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Learn to Scuba Dive in Manchester - Spring has Come! Let's Go Diving!

Spring has come! All the sudden, shop became busy with divers coming in to sort out their equipment and cylinders. It seems every diver is awake now. 

When addicted to scuba diving like us, season does not matter. We go diving all year around. For most of sensible divers, when the spring weather arrives, that is the sign of Diving Season to start.

We had a Club Dive Trip to Eyemouth last weekend. Beautiful Blue Sky. Calm water. Nice day out. Visibility...well...we may not want to talk about it just for now. ;)

Anyway, no matter how experienced diver they are, they all start from 1st diving experience. All adventure start from here.
We conduct "Discover Scuba Diving" (try dive) every week in local swimming pool.
It is one evening experience to see how Scuba Diving is.

We start with briefing; basic knowledge of Scuba Diving, how to use equipment, basic skills in water, etc. Then you try Scuba diving in the swimming pool for an hour.
If you enjoy, that is the start of your new adventure. If you find this is not for you, well, you at least have given a try and seen how it is like.
You never know what it is like till you actually try in water.

Don't hesitate. Give a try! Our Motto is "Diving is FUN!" Come and have some laugh with us!

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

DM Club Trip 2019 starts with Red Sea Liveaboard!!

If you are divers, Red Sea Liveaboard must be one of your bucket lists. It is one of the most popular diving trips for all ages and levels for all year round.
Dive Manchester like to choose winter season when UK diving is becoming a bit like torture, so we can get away from cold weather and get a bit of sun.

"Northern Wreck & Reef" is probably the most popular itinerary; no minimum logged dives required covering major ship wrecks in Red Sea. Our team; however, has done that itinerary. Last year, we also did "Straight of Tiran & North", covering beautiful reef in Tiran and major ship wrecks in North. When we inquired for the trip for February 2019, originally the boat was booked for "Northern Wrecks and Reef" Thanks to the agent. They have allowed us to take the boat to different route! "North & Brothers"! North, as I've said repeatedly, for the ship wrecks. Brothers, this northernmost part of Egypt's offshore marine park is well known as "Shark Point" Yes!! Sharks!! They are beautiful creatures. Unfortunately, the famous movie implanted the wrong image of sharks many decades ago. Dear divers, they normally do not like our bubbles and they don't come too close to us. Our bubbles are too noisy for them.
This trip will have minimum logged dive requirement; 20 dives or more. If you are still not so confident divers, do not worry. I'm gonna be with you. That is what "instructor" is for. I will be your guarding angel. :D
DM Club Trip, Red Sea 2018

A few more spaces are still available.
Our Red Sea Trip 2018 was like a Boy's Trip, but Not 2019!!
It is gonna be more girls coming to dive with us. Hooray!!

For more information, please contact me, Anne Jpn, at Dive Manchester on Facebook or email/phone. / 0161 302 3140

Come Dive with Me! 

XXAnne Jpn

SDI Solo Diver Course - Ready to take full responsibility for own safety?

For Scuba Diving, Safety is very important factor. After all, we don't live under water. (I wish I could!!) The more experienced you are...